Cover Artist: Vickie Wade

A Mother and Three Daughters

Cover Artist: Vickie Wade

Vickie was born and raised in a country setting by a loving Christian family with her devoted artist grandmother living next door. By age 11, young Vickie was happily oil painting beside her. After marrying her prince, the artist became a nurse, had two terrific sons, and chose art over nursing so she could stay home with her little guys. And now, many years have flown by, most of them in the sunny land of southern rural Idaho. Her boys are now grown and there are three grandchildren Vickie loves to paint. She has taught hundreds of art classes, and is still passionate about her family and art! Each image reflects how she looks at life and how she communicates. When an idea strikes…often in the night…Vickie gets so excited and can’t stand it until that idea is on canvas!

To see more of her work, visit the artist’s on-line art shop at

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