Nicole Says… Read These Books to the Kids!

By Nicole McManus

Nicole Says… Read These Books to the Kids!
Dear Baby: Letters from your Big Brother
Dear Baby: Letters from your Big Brother
by Sarah Sullivan • Illustrated by Paul Meisel

Mike’s Mom is expecting a baby, soon. As a way to prepare for his new role as a big brother, his parents ask him to write a letter to the baby. Over the course of a year, Mike writes letters to his new little sister.

Readers get to see Mike grow from an anxious, expectant boy, to an annoyed brother, to a proud, big brother who is ready to brag about his little sister to everyone. Written in a scrapbook style, parents and children will chuckle at the pictures depicting Mike’s adventures. Overall, this is a precious book to teach young boys that it is a wonderful thing to be a big brother.

How to Be a Baby by Me the Big Sister
How to Be a Baby by Me the Big Sister
by Sally Lloyd-Jones and Sue Heap

The big sister is old enough to do many things, and in this book she points out all the things a baby just cannot do. Even as the baby ages, he or she will still be “little” so the entire family will still be by their side. And the big sister is looking forward to being friends and sharing memories with the baby.

This picture book is full of hilarious quips about what it means to be a baby from the view point of an older sister. Older siblings will enjoy seeing the vast differences between themselves and the babies, while parents will appreciate the strong friendship that big sister fortifies through time.

Flash and Fancy: An Otter Adventure on the Waccamaw River
Flash and Fancy: An Otter Adventure on the Waccamaw River
by Tom Doran and Christine Thomas Doran • Illustrated by Nancy Van Buren

Flash and Fancy are two lovely otters living on Sandy Island. Even though they knew of each other, their friendship is solidified when Fancy’s life is in danger. Flash comes to her rescue and the two of them explore the mighty Waccamaw River together.

This children’s book is great for teaching young readers about the Waccamaw River. The majestic scenery has a lot to offer, and most importantly a lot to protect. There are cute illustrations that help show the unique animal life that live along the river’s coast. The long sentences are made up of alliteration and numerous adjectives that give the prose a sing-song pattern. This scientific approach will spark children’s interest in learning more about nature.

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