Letter from the Editor: Beautiful You

By Leslie Moore

Letter from the Editor

I interviewed four beautiful, successful women this month and every one of them strongly believes that beauty comes from within – from the way we treat others, and, most importantly, the way we treat ourselves. Recently I participated in a “joy challenge,” that confirmed this truth for me as well. It lasted a month, and every day our group was instructed to do something that gave us joy, even if it was only for a few minutes. When I first started, I thought this would be easy – it sounds easy doesn’t it? But it was much harder than I thought. More than once during the month, I would get close to the end of the day and realize I hadn’t even thought about giving myself a daily dose of joy. Not even a few minutes in my favorite rocker on my porch or a short walk on the beach. Every time that happened, I would slow down and take a few minutes just for me. I took the time to appreciate my own value and the beauty of my life. Even though the month is over, I am still taking time each day to appreciate the joy and beauty in my everyday life. Part of our challenge was journaling our progress and I have continued that practice as well, jotting down a few special moments each day – and giving thanks for each. The benefits of this exercise have been enormous – with very little effort on my part.

I challenge you to discover the joy in your life, because you, dear reader, are beautiful – inside and out. I wish you the joy of discovering that truth – and believing it.

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.

About this writer

  • Leslie Moore Leslie Moore is the editor for Strand Media Group. A 25 year resident of Pawleys Island, she is blessed with a life filled with the love of family and friends and satisfying work to do every day.

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