Nicole Says… Read This Book by Rosie Thomas

By Nicole McManus

The Kashmir Shawl by Rosie Thomas
The Kashmir Shawl
by Rosie Thomas

Mair Ellis’ father has passed away, and her brother and sister are helping her clear out the house when she discovers an exquisite shawl with a bit of hair hidden in the middle. Intrigued by this unique and beautiful item, she begins a journey that traces her grandmother Nerys Watkin’s life and marriage during World War II, when her quiet missionary life is drastically changed to one of nightlife, festivities and secrets. Traveling alone, Mair discovers the enchanting life of India. Will Mair learn the truth about her grandmother’s life, or will the past keep the secrets buried forever?

Rosie Thomas provides a lot of details in her writing, which makes the scenery come alive. The chapters are long, and the beginning is a bit difficult to get into, but once Nerys’ story begins, readers won’t be able to put this book down. The points-of-view switch between Mair and Nerys, so readers get to feel both sides of the story as they happen. Readers will appreciate Mair’s growth as she gains confidence and perspective on the important things in life. Fans of books that tell more than one story will truly enjoy this read.

I love WWII novels, as I have mentioned before, but I also love reading what I call “destination” books. I don’t get the opportunity to travel, so I love to learn about new places through reading. Growing up, my favorite “destinations” were mainly different western states, but lately I’ve enjoyed reading about different countries around the world. I was excited to discover this intricate tale! Kashmir’s beauty has withstood the test of time, as demonstrated through both of these women’s stories.

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