Cover Artist: Brandi Cannon

Strength through Love

Cover Artist: Brandi Cannon

From an early age, Brandi Cannon experimented with a variety of styles and mediums. Eventually finding a love for acrylics and opaque watercolor, she has since spent years developing her own style, what she calls abstract surrealism. Often beginning unplanned and without intentions, led by flow of thought, her original work varies from sobering symbolism and political expression to whimsical and carefree. With years of countless commissions including portrait, landscape, seascape, fantasy, astronomical art and murals, her work is showcased in homes, businesses and galleries around the world.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Brandi currently lives in Lexington, South Carolina, with her husband and two young children. A busy house and a full time job have done little to curb her creative drive, and there is always a canvas on the easel ready for the next commissioned piece or inspired original.

To see more of Brandi’s work, please visit or email her at

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