Fun Fitness: Kelsey Stone

By Leslie Moore

Fun Fitness: Kelsey Stone

Kelsey Stone, Pure Barre, Murrells Inlet

Growing up, who was an important role model? How did this person influence your life?

My mother has been and always will be an important role model. As a kid, it was harder to see how much she really did for us all. But by the time I was in middle school, I began to understand the impact she had on not only my life, my brother’s life and my father’s life, but also our friends, extended family, neighbors and even stranger’s lives. She worked, cooked, cleaned, sewed, took us to volunteer, scheduled outings with our extended family, played with us, stopped to talk to strangers who looked lonely and helped people at a drop of a hat. She taught us the importance in making time for what or who you love, and how to make everyone feel welcome. She did all of this with a smile on her face and rarely with the sense of being rushed from one stop to the next.

One of the major influences she has had on me is the ability to separate work from play and knowing when to call it a day. She taught me to get up early and work hard, but that it’s also important to take an hour for lunch with someone you love or maybe even an afternoon pampering yourself. This work/life balance and knowing which responsibilities to prioritize has truly shaped me into the woman and business owner that I am today.

What makes a person a hero?

To me, a hero is someone who does the right thing when no one is watching. Someone who takes the extra step to make everything “right” even though no one else may ever find out about it. Whether that be making sure you flag down the person who dropped a five dollar bill twenty feet in front of you, pulling over to help the person who just fell off their bike, or cleaning up trash from the beach – no little act of kindness is ever fully unnoticed. You may not know who to thank when you notice that the beach is clean, but you notice that it’s clean. Taking care of the rest of the world matters.

Why did you fall in love with Pure Barre fitness? What should our readers know before trying a class for the first time?

I fell in love with Pure Barre the minute I realized that it never actually gets easier (which happened for me after about ten classes). Pure Barre is a technique that stimulates my mind-body connection unlike anything else I have ever experienced. The other major plus – it works! I was able to see changes in just those first few classes. At first it was only small changes, but, after a while, it was inches off my waist and improved flexibility.

As a Registered Dietitian, I’ve never had a hard time eating healthy. That said, incorporating Pure Barre into my daily routine made it even easier to make other healthier choices like going to bed earlier, parking my car a little further away from the door to get in more steps, or taking the effort to prepare meals for the week to ensure I have a healthy snack on hand. Pure Barre is a 55-minute class where you focus on making yourself stronger, healthier and happier – it’s not surprising that these positive feelings resonate outside of the studio as well.

Don’t get discouraged after your first class! We use a very special language and technique that takes time to fully understand – you wouldn’t expect to master yoga in a day, and Pure Barre takes time, too. Give yourself at least ten classes to find your mind-body connection, understand the “flow” of class and start seeing results. We recommend coming at least three times per week, but you can come daily because it is so low impact. Some other minor things to know before your first class is that we wear pants that cover our knees to keep our muscles safe, and we only wear socks in the studio! Other than that, we provide everything else you need except the clothes on your back! (But we can probably help you there too!)

Contact Kelsey at Pure Barre Murrells Inlet, located at The Shoppes at Tournament Boulevard, 11897 Hwy 707, Murrells Inlet, or call 843-299-0848 or visit

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