Healing Help: Kim Kelaher, Pharm. D

By Leslie Moore

Healing Help: Kim Kelaher, Pharm. D

Kim Kelaher, Pharm. D, Pure Compounding

Do you do any volunteer work?

I like to volunteer in activities that I can do with my family. I volunteer to help at my child’s school because it gives me an opportunity to help out and to be a part of her world. My husband is a member of Surfside Rotary, and we hosted an exchange student from Sweden. Our family also volunteers at a soup kitchen when time allows.

Growing up, who was an important role model? How did this person influence your life?

An important role model that I had growing up would be my grandmother or “Nanny” which is what we called her. She was born in the upstate of South Carolina. She lost both of her parents by age five and was raised at an orphanage called John del la Howe, available for children like her at that time. My grandmother experienced many hardships throughout her life, but I never heard her complain or speak poorly of anyone. She had a trusting and consistent faith in God, and one of my most treasured possessions is her tattered Bible that we would read together when I spent the night at her house.

What makes a person a hero?

To me, a hero is someone that voluntarily trades their own best interests for the calling of civic duty, service to one’s family, military service or any similar thing that God has called them to do. The acceptance and humility to obediently follow those callings, when they come, are heroic ways to live, even in our typically ordinary lives.

What are a few of the most rewarding aspects of your job as a pharmacist at Pure Compounding Pharmacy?

As a compounding pharmacist, I get lots of calls about hormone replacement therapy from men and women, and with a doctor’s prescription, formulate a specific prescription for each patient based on labs and medical history. It’s rewarding to see patients come in and say, “Thank you, I feel better and my immediate family and those around me see a difference too.”

How can a compounding pharmacy help our readers?

A compounding pharmacy can help patients that have an allergy or intolerance to an ingredient. If a commercially available medication has been discontinued, we can often find a supplier for the raw chemical and compound a similar product, and also make a product more palatable through flavoring or easier to take by changing the dosage form. This could be a flavored tablet or troche for a person or a flavored treat for a pet. In some cases, we use topical cream to be absorbed through the skin or change a tablet to a liquid.

Stop by Pure Compounding Pharmacy and say hello to Kim, located at 3072 Dick Pond Road, (Highway 544) Suite 2call 843-293-7979 or visit www.pure-compounding.com.

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