Nicole Says… Read This Book by Kristy Woodson Harvey

By Nicole McManus

Lies and Other Acts of Love by Kristy Woodson Harvey
Lies and Other Acts of Love
by Kristy Woodson Harvey

Lovey is entering a new phase, having raised five very different women with her soulmate; she is now faced with the possibility of life without him. Her once grandiose life has now become a whirlwind of nurses, caregiving and latent fear. Lovey’s darling granddaughter was once the pride and joy of the family, always doing what she was supposed to do. However last year, just days before her idyllic wedding, she called it off and married a traveling musician. Now, as everyone’s routine is getting back to normal, Annabelle’s life is thrown upside down. As she tries to piece together the truth, she learns that her family has been hiding their own secrets. Will Lovey and Annabelle be able to sort out their lives and keep the peace or will their family be forever dissolved?

Kristy Woodson Harvey is an incredible author. The short chapters make it easy to read during the most chaotic of schedules and at night, as every reader tries to squeeze in one more chapter before sleep. However, each chapter tells its own tale and is chock full of emotions and adds another layer to the overall plot. This story is told from both Lovey and Annabelle’s points-of-view, with Lovey reminiscing about her past as well. Readers will be taken on an epic journey through the decades as they live vicariously through these women.

I loved Kristy Woodson Harvey’s first book, Dear Carolina, which I read in one sitting, but this was an entirely different story. As I have mentioned before, I love it when books tell two stories in one, and this book was definitely a page turner. Getting to know Lovey’s past, while dealing with Annabelle’s present, kept me on my toes. I could feel the build-up within my bones and knew it was going to be a wild ride, but I couldn’t figure out how it would work out for this matriarchal family. Fans of Southern literature and books that bring out a family’s deep-seated secretive history – this book is for you.

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