Nicole Says… Read These Biographies by James Bone and Irena Maria Rozycki

By Nicole McManus

The Curse of Beauty by James Bone
The Curse of Beauty
by James Bone

Audrey Munson was America’s first supermodel and posed for numerous famous sculptures. Her life seemed glorious, and yet, she spent the last half of her life in an insane asylum. Although little has been revealed about Munson’s life as a whole, her influence in today’s art world is still supreme.

James Bone provides research and photographs to tell Audrey’s story and the cultural phenomena that she inspired. If readers unfold the cover, they will see copies of newspaper articles and pictures of Munson. The author takes readers on a journey through the decades to give a more thorough account of Audrey’s life, including the horrific events that occurred when her doctor became obsessed with her.

Tears of Hope by Irena Maria Rozycki
Tears of Hope
by Irena Maria Rozycki

Maria and Jozef Pawlukiewicz were Polish-Catholic farmers during a time when the world was in an upheaval. Germany and the Soviet Union forced many innocent people into camps, based on their religion. The Pawlukiewicz couple were separated and forced to live several years in Siberian slave labor camps. This book tells their story and how their un-ending faith kept them alive and gave them hope for a brighter future.

Irena Maria Rozycki shares her parents’ stories in this biography. The author uses hand written letters and photographs to help bring their story to the world. The book is written in easy to read style, and reads like a historical novel, but the heart-wrenching fact is that these events truly did happen. The author gives readers an insider’s view into life during WWII.

Occasionally, I like to read different styles of one genre, because it gives my mind a chance to dig deeper into a story. Local readers will appreciate different aspects of each of these books. “Maidenhood,” a popular sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens, is one of the works that Audrey Munson posed for, while Irena Maria Rozycki is a South Carolina author! Both of these biographies are approached in two different ways, one in an almost scientific approach, the other, a more touching, personal account; each title is worth reading.

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