Are You Ready to Start a Yoga Practice?

By Lauren Davis

Yoga yoga yoga, you see it everywhere on TV, billboards and magazines. In the last 20 years it has grown so popular and remains that way for one reason, it works. Simply put, it is a total body/mind practice. The yoga postures move and strengthen the body and breath, which all helps to calm the mind. It’s not just an exercise class. It’s personal and unique to everyone. Each time you go to a class, you leave different then when you came in, usually more relaxed and grounded. If you ask a room full of people after a class what they’re experience was, you would get many different answers. It’s a private experience enhanced by group synergy.

Yoga is great for any age from kids to seniors.

There are many different styles of yoga, depending on your own personal needs. If you like a vigorous practice, there are Vinyasa classes that flow the postures from one to another, moving with the breath. The Beginning and/or Iyengar style works on breaking down the poses to understand them better, with focus on alignment, balance, strength and flexibility. Or if you need to rest and renew there are Restorative classes that have you lying in supported poses to open up the body and create a quiet restful practice. Many students take different classes throughout the week like Monday could be more active and by Friday after a long week, Restorative would feel better.

Yoga studios, Health Clubs, Community Centers and even online – all offer yoga. Yoga studios tend to have smaller classes which help you get more attention. Yoga for beginners and especially Intro to Yoga classes are a great way to start, and they usually run a 4 to 6 week series. There are massive opportunities online, but an experienced teacher guiding you is the most important part of a new practice.

Lauren Davis, E-RYT 500, ACE has been teaching yoga for over 20 years.  Find her at Island Wave Yoga and B Balanced Wellness Center, both in Pawleys Island.

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