Nicole Says… Read This Book by Kelly Durham

By Nicole McManus

The Movie Star and Me by Kelly Durham
The Movie Star and Me (Book one of the Frank Russell Pacific Pictures Series)
by Kelly Durham

Army Veteran, Frank Russell, has recovered from injuries sustained overseas, during World War II. On his way home, he realizes his sack has been mixed up with his buddy’s. When he sees the name Pacific Pictures on the film reels in his friend’s bag, he sets off for Hollywood. Once there, Frank, who knows nothing about movies, quickly lands a job and has a few stumbles along the way. As he learns the ropes of what it takes to make a big picture, he begins climbing the corporate ladder. Will Frank be able to keep succeeding, or will his initial run-in with a famed movie star and the company secrets cost him everything?

Kelly Durham provides a fast-paced, behind-the-set story that will whisk readers back to Old Hollywood. Movie fanatics and fans of historical fiction novels will be delighted in the blend of accelerated plot twists with true events that occurred in the 1940s. Readers will be kept guessing up until the very end. The Movie Star and Me is an exciting set-up to a promising series.

A new year signifies a fresh outlook on life, a doing away with old habits and building new ones. However, some traditions are made to last. Over the past few years, an unplanned tradition snuck into my Sasee reviews. Each January, I present to you a book written by a local, maybe unknown-to-you author. When I read the premise of Kelly Durham’s book, I was intrigued especially with the fact that it is the start of an historical fiction series. As I plan out a year of fresh reading goals, some traditions seem too important to leave behind. I hope you all enjoy The Movie Star and Me.

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