Set Yourself up for Success with 7 Simple Steps

By Kelsey Stone

Set Yourself up for Success with 7 Simple Steps

Starting a new fitness routine is one thing, sticking with it is another. You’ve vowed to make healthier choices this year, but where are you going to start?

1. Define your goals – Be specific. Do you want to lose 5 pounds or 20? Is flexibility important to you? Do you want long, lean muscles or bulk? The more specific you are, the easier it will be to choose which fitness center to go with and the easier it will be to track your progress.

2. Make a plan – Decide how many times per week you are going to exercise, for how long, and where. Write it down and stick to it. Your health is your most important asset – take care of yourself, always.

3. Have fun! – Pick something you enjoy doing. Life is too short to do something in your free time that doesn’t make you happy. There are many variables to consider when choosing fitness. Do you exercise for some alone time or do you want a fitness studio that offers a strong community as well as results?

4. Be prepared – You will have an off day. You will have an off week. You will feel like going home right after work and binging on a Netflix series. That’s okay. Give yourself a break, but remember to set a date to get back on track!

5. People – Find people that can hold you accountable. Maybe this is your class instructor, good friend, or front desk associate at your fitness center. Tell them your goals and ask them to help keep you accountable!

6. Remember why you started – This goes hand in hand with preparation. When you feel like quitting, and you will, remember why you started. Be stronger than your best excuse.

7. Nutrition – Exercise is incredibly important, but so is fueling your body properly. Focusing on nutrition will lead to faster results, improved long term health, and better performance during physical activity. Be sure to check with a Registered Dietitian for specific questions on nutrition.

There is a plethora of boutique and big box fitness concepts available – at the end of the day, its crucial to choose something that you can stick with, something that is safe, and something you enjoy!

Kelsey Stone, RD, LD is the owner of Pure Barre Murrells Inlet, located at 11897 SC-707, Murrells Inlet. She is a Certified Pure Barre teacher and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Contact Kelsey at 843-299-0848 or visit

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