Nicole Says… Read This Book by Sally Hepworth

By Nicole McManus

The Mother’s Promise By Sally Hepworth
The Mother’s Promise
by Sally Hepworth

Alice Stanhope is a single mother who has worked hard to provide for her daughter. When she is diagnosed with cancer, Alice must face the fact that she cannot go through this process alone. Kate Littleton loves her career as a nurse, but she desperately wants to be a mother. She struggles to learn more about Alice, who appears to not have anyone. Zoe suffers from severe social anxiety and only feels safe when it is just her and her mom. Sonja is a social worker who excels at her job while trying to maintain the fountain of youth. These four women are thrust together in the battle of a lifetime.

Sally Hepworth proves that family is not necessarily made up of blood relations. These women, complete strangers, form a permanent bond, as they fight to hold onto the blessings life has to offer. Readers will easily relate to these characters as if they were their own friends. The rotating points-of-view gives readers a deeper understanding into each woman’s personal struggles. Readers will begin to question their own reality as they feel what it is like to experience a devastating diagnosis, debilitating social anxiety and infertility through the words of these fictional women. The Mother’s Promise brings to light the fears a lot of people face when they do not have a support system in place. After reading this book, Sally Hepworth will be on everyone’s must-read list.

February is known as the month of love. Love comes in many forms and in many ways. This book demonstrates the powerful strength of a mother’s unconditional love, the desire to love another and the idea of needing to love oneself. This is the first time I have read a Sally Hepworth book, but it surely won’t be the last. I thoroughly enjoyed her poignant style and the breath-taking storylines. I was raving about this book to my friends, long before I had reached the end. To paraphrase a famous quote by Joanne Harris, The Mother’s Promise will swallow your heart and soul.

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