Cover Artist: Hanna Norris

Cover Artist: Hanna Norris

Elsa at the Beach, by Hanna Norris

Hanna Marta Norris is a graphic designer and artist living in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, dog and cat. Despite having lived the majority of her life in the desert southwest, she is still trying to acclimate to the hot summers, and blames her birth in the northern regions of Poland as the culprit for her inadaptability. Being able to hike in the middle of winter makes it worth it. She is inspired by family history and the long-forgotten strangers from dusty family albums and vintage snapshots found in thrift shops. She likes the idea of giving these people another life, or at least a story. When she is not making art on her computer or at the easel, she can be found hiking mountains, planning new adventures or curled up with a good book. She paints in oil on wood panels.

You can find her original oil paintings and high-quality giclee prints of her work in her Etsy shop: HANNA MARTA at You can also follow her on Instagram at

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