Food Addiction is Real

By Lori Sattele

Food Addiction is Real

Food addiction is a very real problem for most of us in this country.  We learn to over-eat at a very young age and the bad habits continue as we become adults. The stress we typically deal with on a daily basis with work, bills and kids can sometimes be very damaging. One way our bodies deal with the stress is to release more cortisol which is our endogenous steroid. The cortisol is there to help us handle the stress a little better but it also increases our appetite. The foods we typically eat are full of sugar which is very addictive. The sugar initially makes us feel good and gives us some quick energy, but it doesn’t last long, leaving us craving more sugar and sweets.

The sugar and carbs continue to make us hungry and leaves us craving more carbs. This is the perfect setup for addiction. Not to mention that most of us eat for the wrong reasons. We seldom eat because we are truly hungry. Most of the time, we eat because we are bored, stressed or depressed. Since eating sugary foods typically makes us feel better (for the short term), it is easy to see how we become addicted to carbs. Studies have shown sugar to be just as addictive (or more-so) as cocaine.

The best strategy is to understand how the sugar and carbs are reacting in your system and then slowly (or quickly) wean the sugar and carbs from your diet. Especially remove sweetened beverages. You have to retrain your brain to think differently about certain types of foods, portion sizes, meal times etc. Focus your diet on more proteins and healthy fats which will give you a more steady release of longer lasting energy.

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