Nicole Says… Read This Book by Susan Meissner

By Nicole McManus

The Bridge Across the Ocean
by Susan Meissner

Post WWII, the RMS Queen Mary turned into a portal for young European women to be reunited with their American soldier husbands. Katrine Sawyer anxiously awaits the chance to land in America. Simone Deveraux has been forced to flee her home after her father and brother were killed. Phoebe Rogers looks forward to seeing her husband again. Each woman has a secret past, and a different reason for wanting to leave Europe, but will they survive their journey?

Brette Caslake grew up knowing she was different. Inheriting a trait that few women in her family possess, Brette is able to see ghosts. Unable to hide this from her friends and family any longer, she decides to go searching for help, but will her family’s secrets be more revealing than her gift.

Susan Meissner has a way with words that forces readers into her character’s world. In this case, readers are taken on an epic journey throughout the decades since WWII as each woman’s story unfolds. The relatable characters will feel like friends, as readers try to connect the dots. This is not the type of book you can read in multiple sittings. Once you open it, the various points-of-view will bewitch your spirit, haunting you, long after you have read the final page.

This book sent chills down my spine as I read each penetrating passage. Susan Meissner will speak at a Moveable Feast on March 3rd, and I am thoroughly excited to hear what inspired this intricate tale. Not only does the Queen Mary provide the basic meeting ground of these young wives, the fact that the author takes the time to develop each character’s own story, and gives readers a world tour throughout the chapters, proves this author should be on everyone’s must read list.

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