Cover Artist: Caroline Fellis

Cover Artist: Caroline Fellis

Oui, je le veux, by Caroline Fellis

Oui, je las veux was inspired by Caroline Fellis’ friends when they finally decided to tie the knot after a long engagement. To reflect the bride’s joy, positive energy and boundless happiness, Caroline pictured her in a vibrant yellow dress with a flamboyant bouquet. Her vision came true in this painting.

Caroline has always loved storytelling, and after university studies in art and music, she chose paint as the medium to illustrate the fruit of her imagination. She finds inspiration in the scenic farmland and rolling hills of the countryside of the province of Quebec in Canada, where every season brings new wonders. She is fortunate to live in such a beautiful setting and unique area where she is surrounded by disused bridges and roads seldom traveled. Through her art, she tries to capture the beauty around her and express it on canvas. Currently, Caroline enjoys working with a palette knife; it allows her to bring texture to her artwork and to fuse colors in a new way.

To see more of Caroline’s work, visit or her Etsy shop.

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