How to Include Your Furbaby in Your Wedding

By Lulu Schnauzer

My human mom, Nancy Schrum, asked me to share some advice on how “pawsitivly” perfect it is to have furbabies like me in your wedding.  My mom can’t imagine having such a special occasion without me in attendance!

The first thing to do is get permission from your venue. Can you believe some places don’t allow us inside? An outdoor event is perfect for pups like me – we especially like beach weddings. But, for those of us who are, shall we say, easily distracted, be sure to keep us safe and secure. You can buy absolutely gorgeous wedding collars and leashes to match every fur color and size!

Most furbabies do not like surprises, so help us understand what is going to happen well in advance. There are fun furbaby schools that can help your four-legged family member understand what you expect at your wedding. Remember, we want to please you more than anything. Take us to the venue in advance, and let us sniff around.

Now for the fun part – the outfit! If your pup is going to be a ring bearer or flower girl, there are a lot of options – from fancy neckwear for the girls and bowties for the boys. Or maybe you would like a fancy dress or tux? As a fashion “furmaven,” I always want to look my very best for photos.

Don’t forget us at the reception! All the food will have hungry pups drooling. There are special, dog-friendly wedding cakes that are delicious and safe for “woofing” down.

And, finally, have fun with us and be patient! Being with you is all we ever really want.

Visit Miss Lulu Schnauzer at Lulu Paws Boutique, located at 11378 Ocean Highway in Pawleys Island at the Sweetgrass Center.  Call 843-237-5858 or visit the online store at

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