Meant to Be

By Fayge Goldstein

Meant to Be

This amazing story happened over sixty years ago, in the early 1950s, when it was a fashion to spend weekends at a hotel in the Catskills. There was a young man working as a lifeguard at the Concord Hotel; he was very personable, enjoyed meeting new people and was definitely not shy by any means, but something happened to him one day when he saw a beautiful woman enter the pool area.

He was dumbfounded and lost his nerve to speak. He watched her from afar all the while longing to say hello. Two days passed as he tried to work up his nerve to go and introduce himself, but he just couldn’t. Finally, on Saturday night he decided he was going to meet her no matter what. If he did not meet her now he would lose his chance as she was going home the next day. So he dressed to the hilt and decided to wear his lucky tie which had the number 21 written on it.

Trying to exude confidence, he sauntered into the hotel and accidentally bumped into this lovely lady. “Hello,” he mumbled. “My name is Mitchell Smith. Sorry, I was rushing so.” He felt his confidence grow and continued. “I actually wanted to meet you.”

“Really?” replied the young woman. “Believe it or not my name is Beverly Smith. What a coincidence. By the way, not only do we have the same last name, but I am also twenty-one.” Mitchell smiled inwardly; his lucky tie had served him well.

This was the auspicious beginning for these two young people. Mitchell proceeded to ask Beverly to dance. After dancing for a while they sat down to chat. They found the conversation between them flowed easily, and they had many interesting topics to discuss. To say the more they spoke the more Mitchell was smitten by Beverly is an understatement. After about five hours they decided to go for a walk. Without any hesitation, Mitchell knew this was the woman for him. He told her so in no uncertain terms and proposed on the spot.

Beverly was touched and flabbergasted. “Hmm, maybe we can just date for now and see where this goes.”

This was all the encouragement Mitchell needed. Beverly lived in Brooklyn, over two and a half hours away, but he would go to see her very often.

As they continued to date, they became very smitten with each other and both felt certain they were really meant to marry. There was only one stumbling block. Mitchell was a bit younger then Beverly, he had only worn that tie because he liked it, in reality he was only 17 years old.

He bravely broke this news to his almost bride to be, and she laughed so hard tears rolled down her cheeks. At this point in their relationship she really cared for him and decided his age was fine with her. She just couldn’t be angry, she was too happy.

From that point on they agreed never to tell any white lies and this cemented their happiness. They excitedly formalized their engagement. Two month later, after a total of ten months of dating, Mitchell and Beverly were joined in matrimony with his mother signing her consent. They had a simple wedding surrounded by family and some friends. It was a very joyous occasion.

The years passed quickly.  They had three children and were able to build a beautiful family. Their home was filled with love and harmony. They supported each other through career changes, childrearing, health issues and so much more for almost 60 years.

Sadly, Beverly passed away almost two years ago, but her memory is carried in the hearts of her family, including many grandchildren and great grandchildren who knew and loved her.

How do I know this story to be true? I am the eldest child of this amazing match that was so  obviously made in Heaven.

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    3 Responses to “Meant to Be”

    1. Erika Hoffman says:

      What a fabulous story and heartwarming tribute to your parents!

    2. Linda O'Connell says:

      You brought your family story to life on the page, and I could feel the love between your parents. A delightful read!

    3. Fayge Goldstein says:

      Thank you so glad you enjoyed!!!

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