Rain Drops of Love

By Judie Schaal

Rain Drops of Love

The raindrops slide down the windowpane. Their cascading begins a day of questions. Will the needed moisture sooth the parched earth? Will the darkening skies make us change our plans? Life is like that. How do we interpret an event? Do we see the positives or do we dwell on the reverse?

I want to open the windows and the doors of my heart. I want the rain to show me the possibilities of a beautiful day without sun. The spring flowers are thirsty, and so am I.

Helen Keller could “see” the world through her heart and “hear” the sounds of love by being open to their possibilities. She blossomed when she learned to communicate and eventually campaigned for women’s suffrage, labor rights, socialism and anti-militarism. What a wonderful example for all of us to put aside our feelings of inertia and forge ahead to pursue our interests and our dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt, at a very young age, lost both parents and a younger brother. In 1905 she married Franklin Delano Roosevelt and, although she suffered from depression her whole life, went on to be the first presidential spouse to hold regular press conferences, write a daily newspaper column and host a radio show. Her other accomplishments were many and she eventually was regarded as “one of the most esteemed women in the world.”

I wonder if she sometimes awoke in the morning to the sounds of rain upon her window. Did she roll over and begrudge the imposition of bad weather on her plans? Did depression take over or did she rise with energy to gladly change her day’s commitments? Maybe both. Often we have to fight the demons that want to rule us. Often we have to look beyond the moment and know that life is a challenge.

John Denver wrote in one of his songs:  “Sometimes I think I’ll never see the sun again” and “my heart feels like breaking.” But his greatest emphasis was in words like, “even when it’s raining, life is beautiful to me” and “love is all around.”

Love is a shelter from the storm. It blankets the negatives. It showers us with hope. And it especially encourages us to be more than we thought we could be. If each day we make a commitment to reach out with love toward just one other person, we will be spreading a ray of sunshine that might become contagious.

The Helen Kellers and the Eleanor Roosevelts of the past are with us as guiding lights showing us what we can accomplish – even when it’s raining.

About this writer

  • Judie Schaal Judie Schaal lives in Murrells Inlet with Gary, her husband of 50 years. She has written for On The Green magazine, the Sun News as a tennis columnist and is currently copy editor and photographer of a local color 28 page newsletter.

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2 Responses to “Rain Drops of Love”

  1. Linda O'Connell says:

    “I want to open the windows and doors of my heart…” such a simple but profound and moving sentence. This was a timely piece, and I shall share it with someone I know.

  2. Erika Hoffman says:

    The key to happiness psychologists NOW declare is to count one’s blessings! Gee, haven’t we all heard that forever and the reason is it is true. Your essay points this out. One can be discouraged if one allows oneself to be but if one finds new avenues to explore and is grateful for these chances, one will not get depressed easily.

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