Cover Artist: Kimberly Dawn

Cover Artist: Kimberly Dawn

Live for the Moments You Can’t Put into Words (Kid Rock), by Kimberly Dawn

Kimberly Dawn is a folk artist from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Although the roots of her art run deeply through the soil of the southern Appalachian Mountains, it was the Lowcountry of South Carolina that ultimately defined her boho beach style.

Kimberly Dawn credits her early inspiration and surf style from the diverse southern community, the stunning beaches and the colorful boardwalk culture of coastal Carolina. Today, she is inspired by her travels, her family and the rich fabric of her life as southern folk artist.

Kim’s first mentor was the iconic folk artist Howard Finster. She spent the next twenty years of her career traveling the folk art show circuit, mentoring many younger artists along the way. Although, Kim’s preferred medium is painting, she loves exploring other mediums including sculpture, collage and glasswork.

Kim now makes her home in Savannah, Georgia, and incorporates the nostalgia and rich history of the city into her most recent work. Currently, her work can be found in galleries throughout the southern lowcountry from North Carolina to Savannah.

Look for Kimberly Dawn’s paintings in the Myrtle Beach area at Perrone’s, Collector’s Cafe, Muddy Waters, Sunset River Gallery, and Carl Kerridge Photography. Contact Kim on Facebook at Kimberly Dawn Clayton Arts

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