Nicole Says… Read This Book by Kristy Woodson

By Nicole McManus

Slightly South of Simple
by Kristy Woodson

Ansley is the mother of three women who lives alone in the quiet town of Peachtree Bluff. She runs a successful design shop named after her two youngest daughters. When her children converge on her home, they each bring along life’s trials and tribulations. However it is a shipwrecked boat that threatens to bring back a lost love and deep-rooted secrets. How will she keep her past from her girls while maintaining her perfectly calm and peaceful life that she has finally achieved?

Caroline is a Manhattan socialite whose mother’s southern roots never suited her…that is until the day her life is turned upside down. Pregnant and devastated, she packs up her daughter and heads down to the sanctuary of her mother’s home. She knows she will receive the support she needs from her mom, while her sisters will undoubtedly bring her back to reality.

Kristy Woodson Harvey tells the story of this dynamic family through two different points-of-view. Each character processes the current events, as well as reflecting on the past. The breathtaking prologue will immediately grab readers’ attention. This book is delightfully emotional, painfully sweet, and proves first loves stay in one’s heart forever.

As you may know, I am a huge fan of Kristy Woodson’s work. I loved her debut novel, and after finishing this book, I yearn for the next book. I hope she will use this same format, and readers will get to hear the middle sister’s point of view next. I had to digest this book in slow bits, despite the fact that I wanted to devour it whole. The emotions and feelings are incredibly strong as each layer is revealed. This is definitely a book you and your friends will want to read together! On May 29th, our Sasee Facebook Book Club will be discussing this book online, so feel free to join us.


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One Response to “Nicole Says… Read This Book by Kristy Woodson”

  1. Nicole,

    Thank you so much for this lovely review about Slightly South of Simple. Deeply honored and touched to read your thoughts!

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