Comfortable and Stylish Coastal Living

By Linda Falls

Relocating to our beautiful coastal community is exciting and fun–and how you decorate your new home is important. A professional designer will use the five elements of design – space, light, color, texture and pattern – to achieve balance, harmony, proportion and scale.

First, evaluate your living quarters. You may want to get rid of items that don’t fit your needs or new home’s style. Then think about function. Is that extra room going to be utilized more as a guest room or should it be made to be an office and a guest room using a pullout sofa and a desk? Keep in mind the value of the surfaces for the wear and tear. Consider the southern sun and the options available to you through many fabrics to decrease fading. There are so many fabrics now designed for home use that were once only available commercially. Fabrics now have top notch stain and sun repelling properties that will last for many years. I like to say decorate wisely not costly.

Don’t forget about outdoor living space. The beauty of the coast and its temperate climate make your outdoor living space just as important as your indoor space. Today, you can bring anything you use indoors to your outdoor room – decorate these areas just like the inside of your house, making the design flow from one area to another with good seating arrangements and a cohesive color palette. You will want to use fabrics in your outdoor space that are fade resistant, many of which are an olefin-based with a substantial longevity. We have a variety of these types of fabrics available at our store. There is no limit to what you can do – outdoor kitchen are very popular and there are all types of wonderful outdoor furniture – you may even want to add a television to the room. One fun idea is to put up outdoor draperies to cozy up your space. You can even buy hardware specifically designed to withstand the humidity and salt air.

One thing for certain – people living here on the coast make their homes an extension of their own unique style. The most gratifying compliment I hear from people I work with is “it’s exactly what I was looking for.” So stop in and let us help you find exactly what you are looking for … large project or small. We look forward to it!

About this writer

  • Linda Falls

    Linda Falls

    Linda recently opened Piedmont Springs Interiors, a retail fabric, furniture, home accessories, blinds and shutters design store. She started her interior design business in 1997 after completing a two year associate degree. After six years of operating her business, Linda opened her first drapery and bedding workroom in the upstate. Her second workroom opened in 2007 in Surfside Beach. When asked if she will ever slow down Linda says, “I hope never–I love what I do!” Stop in and meet Linda at671 Jamestown Drive in Garden City.

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