Finding Your Great Hairstyle

By Jacqueline Sarno

I’m often asked, “How can I achieve a great hairstyle? I keep getting the wrong look.

”One trick to finding where you belong in the world of hair coloring, highlights or a cut is to look toward someone famous with whom you can visually identify. The Hollywood celebrities are working with the best hair colorists and stylists in the world. Find someone with the same eye color, skin tone and similar face shape. My best advice is to keep it moving forward in terms of style – try not to get stuck in a rut. Hair grows, colors fade – you can have an adventure with each passing season. I do!

When it comes to creating our own personal style most people use the same stylist they grew up with and keep the same tired look. I can help you break out of that mold. To achieve your personal best style you have to take some chances girl! Be open, be positive and seek a seasoned professional with a proven track record. It will be the best experience you have ever had. Great hair color and a great cut can easily take off ten years!

Spend some time online and do your research. A well trained stylist will always take the following things into consideration before determining image possibilities for you.

• Natural Skin Tone

• Eye Color

• Natural Hair Color

• Pre-Existing Hair Coloring

• Face Shape

• Personal Insecurities

When I’m working with a new client one of the first things we discuss is her comfort level. For example: Does she want to remain super light blonde or is she ready for some strawberry micro highlights that would work well with her creamy/warm completion? Having a clear understanding, setting guidelines and managing expectations are necessary for a positive salon experience.

Having a certification in Hair Coloring is going to make a difference when choosing a color expert. The biggest complaint I hear from new color clients is, “My past stylist did not listen to me.”  “This is not what I wanted at all, can you fix it?” I will ask if that stylist has had proper color training, and they usually say they were not sure. Be sure, by asking questions. If the training is not there, the results may be very unpleasant. Premium trained stylists pay for the advance training required to perform advance color techniques. Go to a professional and take a chance with your image. Good luck with your new look!

About this writer

  • Jacqueline Sarno

    Jacqueline Sarno

    Jacqueline Sarno is a Certified Hair Colorist and Beauty Blogger. Currently, she is the Owner-Operator of CoCo Salon & Spa located in Myrtle Beach for the past 6 years. Prior to owning a store front business, she worked along the East Coast for film productions as a freelance Hairstylist and Make-Up Artist for models and actors, as well as an instructor for Redken in NYC. Jacqueline invites you to come and experience her color knowledge at the salon. Visit and book your appointment online–it’s fun, fast and easy!

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