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By Leslie Moore

We all have that friend…you know the one, she always shows up looking fabulous,whether you’re going to the gym or to a formal event. And she’s the one we want with us when we choose that all-important outfit for an important occasion.

Sasee asked three of these stylish women to talk about their personal fashion sense and share a few tips about how to always look your best!


Keri Smith 

Married with two small children and a full time job – these are the years when just being showered is an accomplishment. Myrtle Beach native, Keri Smith, takes it all in stride and still manages to look fabulous every time she walks out of her Myrtle Beach home. A Sales Rep for Native Sons, selling screen printing and embroidery, the blond and beautiful Keri spends her days helping local businesses improve their image as well.

How would you describe your personal style?

I have always loved fashion – for the eight years I attended St. Andrews Catholic School I had to wear navy blue and white every single day! When I got out of there, I was so excited because I could wear whatever I wanted! To me, fashion is a form of creative expression – it’s very much like interior design, my other passion. My personal style is 75% classic and 25% fun – I like to look put together, but approachable. I’m most comfortable in whatever makes me feel like the most confident version of me. My style icon is definitely Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estee Lauder. She doesn’t just dress with style – she lives her life with style.

What in your wardrobe could you not live without?

Blazers – I love a blazer, obviously more in the winter. My favorite blazer colors are black and white, but white is probably my go-to when I can’t figure out what to wear. I even like them with formal dresses, and if I go out to dinner I can wear a blazer with a camisole and look great. As I’ve changed jobs through the years, my look has changed to match the job. Now, at Native Sons, I can wear beach cool, casual clothing. But, I still need to be professional sometimes and throwing a blazer over a tee shirt accomplishes that – it’s business and beach all in one.

How much time do you spend on hair and makeup on a typical day?

Very little, about 15 minutes – but there is a lot of prep work behind it. I wash and blow dry my hair at night because my time is limited in the mornings. I add moisturizer, foundation, neutral eye shadow and mascara, plus I keep clear gloss in my purse to throw on right before I go to work.

Share one “beauty secret” with our readers

I make my own dry shampoo with equal parts of corn starch and baking soda. Mix it together and use a clean powder brush to tap it onto your roots or wherever you need extra volume. Be sure to blend it really well – now you have extended the life of your blowout! A lot of people don’t like aerosol sprays, and this is very environmentally friendly. Plus, most women have baking soda and cornstarch in their cabinet. I love it – it’s great for after workouts.


Kristen Bohan 

Beautiful, always impeccably dressed and a self described “glamour puss,” Kristen Bohan is much more than a pretty face and gorgeous clothes.  She is a wife and mother to two beautiful children and a practicing psychologist with more than a decade of experience working with adolescent girls and women with eating disorders, body image issues, anxiety and depression.  Kristen also founded Coastal Montessori Charter School in Pawleys Island and started a non-profit called TERMS, transforming her clinical practice into a prevention program that reached out to girls age 8-16 to teach them how girlhood is poorly portrayed in popular culture.

And she does it all while looking positively gorgeous!

How would you describe your personal style?

I love glamour. Unless I’m working out or going to the grocery store, I’m wearing a dress, lipstick, jewelry and high heels. When I was a kid my uncle would call me, “Hey Hollywood” because I wore giant sunglasses like a movie star. Later in undergrad, I remember friends asking, “Where are you going all dressed up?” And I would say, “To class.” Everyone would be wearing sweatpants and t-shirts with their hair in a messy bun, and I would show up for my 8:15 Philosophy 101 in a dress and heels with a French twist and pearls. These days you’ll see me watching my kids’ tennis matches in one of my (faux) fur coats. All of the other parents like to poke fun at me because, of course, I stand out among a sea of UnderArmour and North Face. It’s OK. That’s my style and at 47 I can’t change. I feel both feminine and serious when I’m dressed. I also think it shows respect for the people you meet when you take the time to pull yourself together. If I had to name the style icons that define me it would be a little Jaclyn Smith (what girl growing up in the ‘80s didn’t love Charlie’s Angels?), a dose of Audrey Hepburn, plus a dash of Tory Burch.

What in your wardrobe could you not live without?

Dresses – I hate pants. They are uncomfortable. I have a closet full of dresses. Also platform wedges. I don’t care if they go out of style. I am 5’2”. Stilettos are too uncomfortable, and I look terrible in any sort of flats.

How much time do you spend on hair and make up on a typical day?

I can get it all done in 45 minutes, including a shower.

Share one “beauty secret” with our readers

Robin’s egg blue toenails look great on any woman at any age and make you happy every time you look at your toes. Treat yourself to a pedicure.


Susan Seningen 

Model gorgeous and beautiful inside and out, Susan Seningen lives in Wachesaw Plantation in Murrells Inlet with her husband Ken…as well as their son Justin who is currently home for the summer before completing his degree in business at Clemson University. The couple has two more children: Ryan who lives in Charleston, with his wife, Kate, and their two children; and Alex, who lives in Salt Lake City, with his wife, Carrie and their two children. Susan works as a stylist for Worth, a fashion company out of New York City.Two years ago she was diagnosed with stage 4 Thymic cancer, which is an extremely rare form of this awful disease. During her chemotherapy and radiation, plus two relapses, Susan says she had so much support from friends, family and the community. Today, this determined survivor is doing great!  She loves her work, and getting out and about – her favorite activities include going out on their boat, festivals in Murrells Inlet and spending time with friends. Susan continues to get scans, shots and blood work every month, but her goal is to live a normal life in spite of her illness. Life with cancer is not new to Susan, as her son was diagnosed and successfully treated for Leukemia as a baby.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is rather classic casual. I am basically a “jeans” girl, but I love nothing more than wearing one of my W By Worth stylish tops to add a splash of “wow!” And, nothing makes me feel better than slipping into one of my W By Worth dresses! I ALWAYS feel stylish, smart and sophisticated! You really can’t go wrong when you are wearing our clothing.

What in your wardrobe could you not live without?

I could not live without two things in my wardrobe: First, white t-shirts, white blouses and sweaters, and white jeans for summer. Pair those jeans with a pretty blouse and sandals, and you can go anywhere looking like a million dollars!

How much time do you spend on hair and make up on a typical day?

My make-up routine is light and simple, but I do enjoy a little more dramatic look for evenings and special events. My hair used to be long and straight and required lots of time with the blow-dryer, hot rollers, etc. Now, after losing my hair after chemotherapy, it is so thick and VERY curly! I just put a little gel in my hair, shake my head and off I go! So simple and easy…not to mention a cute and more youthful look!

Share one “beauty secret” with our readers

My one beauty tip for ALL women is “less is more” in all areas of fashion. Keep the makeup simple, your hair in good shape and ALWAYS wear nice clothes that are flattering and bring out the best in you!

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  • Leslie Moore

    Leslie Moore

    Leslie Moore is the editor for Strand Media Group. A 25 year resident of Pawleys Island, she is blessed with a life filled with the love of family and friends and satisfying work to do every day.

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  1. Linda O'Connell says:

    Leslie, it is interesting to read about other’s styles and these ladies all have pizazz which adds to self confidence.

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