Why Use a Professional Designer?

By Kelly Ryder

What is design? Design is a plan producing the look and function or workings of a building, garment or other object before it is built or made. With that being said, that’s where a professional designer comes in. A good designer will meet with clients and learn about “their world” and what it means to them. How you live and move in the space is crucial to a good plan and your own look. These days it is easy to go buy a look on a showroom floor or the internet and not know why you like it or if it will even fit your space. In my practice, I always spend time looking at what the client has in their home or business, of course we talk budget – and then the scheming begins. Sometimes it is as simple as paint color, or as elaborate as a bath or kitchen renovation. Whatever it is, a good designer can help you move through your journey and come out the other side with a really great space that looks like you.

My career has encompassed high end fashion, photo styling, metal smithing, framing art and interior design. I’ve moved up and down the east coast from New York to Miami in my 30-plus years in this business.  My experience and my “know it when I see it” intuition serves me well, but I’m also aware of the more precise and accurate side to the job. I love including other artists in my design plans on a regular basis, whether it is a great commissioned piece of art, a faux finished piece of furniture, or just that something special thing that I know my client can’t resist. Most professional designers have similar experience and expertise that will benefit you and your space.

A good designer will meet her clients just where they are in their life and show them different ways they can get a coastal look that still includes the life and the travels they have had up to this point. We can come up with sources and ways to repurpose anything you can think of. It never hurts to ask!

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  • Kelly Ryder

    Kelly Ryder

    Find Kelly Ryder at Going Coastal Design, located in MISC- everything Murrells Inlet.(new location 4493 hwy 17 business unit A, Murrells Inlet). She has furnishings, lighting, art, and fabric for you. Contact her at 843-357-3507.

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