A World of Magic – Adventures by Disney

By Tracy Burczak

Multi-generation vacationing is a wonderful way for the extended family to reconnect, and Adventures by Disney has this down to a science! The destinations vary from touring America, to exploring European destinations, to a River Cruise on the Danube!

From the moment your trip is booked, the magic begins.  Virtually every detail is handled–every meal, every reservation, every excursion – all handled. There is no waiting in line when you are with an Adventure by Disney guide. Anywhere your guides (yes, plural!) put up the magic Disney paddle – the line magically disappears for your group as you move to the front of the line – even at stunning sights like the Louvre and the Vatican.

At least one of your two guides speaks the local languages and is familiar with the area. There are no worries about language barrier, not knowing how to get to an attraction, worrying the cab driver is taking the long route – none of that. The entire trip is all handled for you by your personal guides who greet you at the airport.

The tours themselves are full of magic as only Adventures By Disney can be! For example, imagine touring the town in Germany that was the inspiration for “Little Red Riding Hood,’ and seeing Red herself scurrying across the road with Wolf in hot pursuit! This type of wonder will keep you enchanted at every destination. And you would expect nothing else from Disney!  Magic and family are what they do best! I encourage you to consider this rewarding vacation experience.

The memories you will make with your family will be talked about at gatherings for generations! How many times have you recalled a moment spent with a loved one who is no longer with us? That is why we place such importance on time with our family. These precious treasures are what make a family strong.

About this writer

  • Tracy Burczak

    Tracy Burczak

    A multi-generational vacation specialist, Tracy Burczak is an expert at arranging vacations that include the entire family–from infants and toddlers to grandparents with mobility needs, Tracy can take care of everything but your family’s good time. Contact her at Mickey’s Travel, 843-685-2527 or tracy@mickeystravel.com.

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