ALWAYS Trip Check Your Car Before Your Family Vacation

By Myra Levine

Before leaving for that fun road trip, take time to make sure your car is in tip top shape! First, check all your fluids – oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid. Next, it is always good to know your brake life; you don’t want to have brake issues while you’re away from home.

Be sure to check your tire pressures, accurate pressures will help maintain wear and tear and will also give you quality gas mileage – don’t forget the spare! All tires are dated, so make sure they are not getting too old and losing texture.

Check belts and hoses, these do dry rot with age, also. Your engine’s air filter maintains clean air to run through your engine – checking this will help you with gas mileage as well.

Some cars have A/C cabin air filters; this one is just like the ones in your house. It keeps the A/C vent system flowing through your vents and helps prevent mold and mildew in the air you breathe inside the cabin of your car.

In these hot and humid days cars will break. The heat coming from the engine, added with the humidity and the cooling system, means it gets majorly hot under that hood. Weak batteries die due to working so hard to keep us cool on humid/hot days.  Keep up with the date and age of your battery to ensure you don’t get stranded.

The cooling system is made mostly of plastic and rubber parts, and they get older and dry rot and bust or crack. Here, summer heat affects these parts like the cold, cold weather in the north, which causes them to burst when frozen.

About this writer

  • Myra Levine

    Myra Levine

    When Myra was given her first car, her dad made her change the oil, change the spark plugs and check tire pressures so she could know how to do things with the car. She met Bobby Levine at Carolina Car Care in 2000 and they married in 2003. Bobby had started the business in 1995 and now, 22 years later, they both still love helping customers with their cars. Carolina Car Care is located at 860 Inlet Square Drive in Murrells Inlet. Call 843-357-0862 or visit

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