Preserving Memories for Future Generations

By Alice Yerkes

One of the most powerful tools in preserving memories is the investment of time. Meaningful conversations with loved ones about their hometown and childhood, family, hobbies, military service and adventures, uncovers rich and personal history. It is easy to become immersed in their stories and when they finish, you will not only have a connection with them for the rest of their lives but yours as well.

Photographs are simply irreplaceable. Photos are the easiest and quickest reference for a snapshot of anyone’s past. They capture the people, time, dress and emotion of those in the pictures. Make sure to document all the photographs and Polaroid shots with names, places and dates. Additionally, make sure that during moves or transitions these precious items aren’t discarded.

Journals and letters that your loved ones have written during their lifetime can be a great connection to their mind and situation in bygone eras. Reading their life stories from their perspective will help you maintain a deeper connection with them and preserve their history.

Sentimental items are another great way to preserve memories. A physical item can be a wonderful reminder of those we love. Items such as a scarf, ring, hat or a home décor item are beautiful daily reminders of that person. It can also be a season, holiday, or even a certain time of day. These are strong connections that may not occur with a simple photograph.

Living in the age of technology allows us to capture moments and instantly share our lives with the world. Digital media is the bridge that connects generations and overcomes time and distance.

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