Enjoy a Happy Life at Any Age

By Britta Cammarata

Selecting any type of senior residential services can be challenging, even for those with experience within the industry. Selecting the perfect residential care community for your loved one can be just as challenging. Along with quality, daily care, providing opportunities to continue doing things they love and building on what they feel has been an important part of their lives is critical. We never stop growing and wanting to try things we’ve never attempted – even if we feel the activity may be beyond our capabilities.

There is increasing recognition of the benefits in participating in your community. Being a part of activities that take place in groups gives social interaction and a sense of inclusion, countering a common aspect of older age – loneliness, isolation and depression. It is also important not to underestimate the amount of physical activity that goes along with many activities and the benefits that these may have on motor ability and coordination. Concentrating on tasks that are enjoyable and involve focused mental activity, imagination and memory can have continuing positive benefits for us all. Participation in creative activities can bring a sense of achievement and the possibility of putting our own stamp on things, making our mark and expressing something that is significant and personal.

At Carolina Gardens, our residents participate in fun and creative activities such as “Wine and Design,” and “Sit & Sew” classes, as well as creating their own spa line of Southern Comfort Candles and Sugar Scrubs. We take trips to the pier, explore local historical landmarks and culture, and take in local attractions and entertainment – just to name a few. When selecting the perfect residential care community for your loved one, make sure it’s one that fulfills their lifelong learning initiatives – and that it offers opportunities for fun!

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  • Britta Cammarata

    Britta Cammarata

    Contact Britta at Carolina Gardens Residential Care by calling 843-357-0200 or visit www.carolinagardensgardencity.com.

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