Set the Stage for Your Beautiful Day

By Laura Friedman

Yes, it’s the 21st century and the digital age. We live in a society where speed is valued and immediate knowledge is power. So does this apply to your wedding? Not so fast! This is a time to unplug, slow down, and create memories that will be cherished for years to come.

There is something so special about a piece of paper! The moment your loved ones open your invitation, an experience is created. How you may ask? Consider this…

Imagine walking to the mailbox, and to your delight, a beautiful envelope is nestled in a sea of monthly bills and advertisements. The weight of the envelope is heavy and the script of your name is stunning. You carefully open the seal to find an artfully crafted envelope liner. It adds so much visual interest, and you haven’t even touched the invitation yet! Now imagine slipping the invitation out of the envelope. You feel the thick, supple paper in your hand. You immediately think of the couple and how the design is “perfectly them.”

When expertly crafted, a custom invitation creates a multi-sensory experience that guests will emotionally connect to your big day.

Treat your invitation as an exclusive sneak peek preview into your wedding. Guests will take direct and indirect cues from the invitation to create expectations of your joyful occasion. Not only is the “when and where” provided, the invitation ultimately guides the guests to know if their toes will be in the sand for a beach wedding or if a tuxedo is needed for a black tie affair. No detail is too small!

At Charlotte + Lily, we believe your personality is the foundation and essence of the design. Each project starts with a blank slate. Through conversation and inspirational imagery, we learn not only about your event, but also, who you are as a person… as a couple… as a new family. This allows us to effectively dream up a custom creation that reflects your unique story and style. At the end of the process, the blank slate is transformed into a treasured keepsake.

About this writer

  • Laura Friedman

    Laura Friedman

    Laura Friedman is the owner of Charlotte + Lily, a boutique custom invitation and paper goods studio located in Myrtle Beach. Whether near or far, the collaborative design process is one-on-one. Her mission is simple and heartfelt: to help you connect and share life’s extraordinary moments with friends and family. Schedule your consultation today to see how Charlotte + Lily can help set the stage for your event – and she ships worldwide. Visit or call (843) 945-1552 for more information.

    Photo by Hannah Ruth Photography

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