The Thrill of the Junk

By Wendy Reavis

As I think back, it all started when I was a child. My mom and I would drive around looking for dumpsters to search, curbside goodies and throwaway treasures on trash day. These were the days before Facebook yard sale pages, online markets and craigslist – the days before cell phones. This was our time. Mom was an artist, eclectic and had an obsession with revamping antique chairs. It was an adventure!

As an adult, I still spend my weekends wandering to forgotten towns, finding quaint antique and salvage shops, searching through pieces of history to find things that speak to me. Every trunk, suitcase, and chipped door has a story. Every vintage glove, patchwork quilt and percolator, I treasure and use every day.

As people have learned about my love of all things vintage, I am often invited to explore attics, or when loved ones pass, to “take what I want” of what they left behind. And I am truly grateful for these opportunities.

I urge new “junkers” to explore small towns – pay attention to your surroundings, look for curb alerts, attend auctions and go to markets – flea and all! Also shop local and discover your vintage obsessions – collect, paint, repurpose, refurbish. Take the dirt road – and buy the truck!

I hope you have someone to go on junking adventures that enjoys it as much as you! “The thrill of the junk” is definitely one hunt you don’t want to miss! So map out your day, grab some coffee and hit the road! History awaits you! Let’s bring it back to life!

Wendy Reavis is an antique collector, owner of Yellow Cottage Vintage and Antiques, and also Community Relations Coordination with Vintage Market Days of Coastal Carolina! She has two dogs, Olive and Lily.

About this writer

  • Wendy Reavis

    Wendy Reavis

    Meet Wendy at Vintage Market Days from November 3-5 at Myrtle Beach Sports Center, located on the Myrtle Beach Convention Center complex property. For more info, find Vintage Market Days of Coastal Carolina on Facebook or call 704-662-8559.

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