Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

By Jennifer Campanelli

We all want our homes to be spotless when guests arrive for the holidays – and with the right techniques and equipment, this can be a breeze!

There is definitely an art to cleaning. No matter where you are cleaning, remember to start at the top and work down, and thoroughly clean one room at a time. This is how professional cleaners work, and it saves so much time and effort.

Your cleaning is only going to be as good as the products you use. Many studies show that harsh cleaning chemicals are toxic to children and pets, but today there are many chemical free cleaning systems available that do an even better job at cleaning. Our e-cloths use only water and are available for every surface, from windows to furniture to kitchen and bathroom surfaces. At a million microfibers per inch, they are able to remove 99% of the bacteria.

After you gather your supplies, start by cleaning ceiling fans or light fixtures. Move down the walls, then dust and polish furniture – use your vacuum cleaner’s attachments to make this easier. Our product is a two part system, a powerful, lightweight upright and a compact canister. This is a great way for two people to clean – one does the top half of the room with the canister, and the other moves in with the upright.

Bathrooms are made much easier by using the microfiber cloths. Do your walls first, vacuuming for cobwebs, then clean the tub, sink, mirror and toilet. After everything is sparkling, mop your way out of the room. Our deep cleaning, microfiber mops make this a breeze. It’s the same in your kitchen – vacuum from top to bottom, and then do cabinet faces, counter tops and stainless steel. Work your way down to the floor and mop your way out.

For the holidays, it’s good to do a professional-type cleaning on your floors. We have deep steam cleaners that don’t use chemicals and equipment that can dry clean your carpets – all are safe for children and pets. Our Orbiter has all the different pads and brushes you will need for any surface. Doing this yourself will save a lot of time and money!

After everything is sparkling clean, it’s nice to add a signature scent. One of our newest products is the Lampe Berger – it purifies your air and adds a fragrance to your room. It was developed in France in 1898 to purify the air in hospitals.

Lastly, get your equipment out now and make sure everything is in working order. We service all brands of vacuums!

About this writer

  • Jennifer Campanelli

    Jennifer Campanelli

    Jennifer Campanelli is the manager of Oreck Vacuums of Surfside Beach, and passionate about cleaning! Her store is part of Oreck of the Carolinas, a group of 11 stores spread through both Carolinas. Oreck professional vacuums and state of the art cleaning products are the ones most preferred by professional cleaning services and hotels. To learn more, visit or find them on Facebook. Stop by the store, 8703 Highway 17 Bypass South or call 843-215-8244.

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