Nicole Says…Read these books to your kids!

By Nicole McManus

Thanksgiving on Thursday

by Mary Pope Osborne(Magic Tree House series #27)

It is Thanksgiving Day, Annie and Jack’s family are head to their grandparent’s house. However, Annie gets a feeling they are supposed to go to the tree house. Their tree house has magical powers, it can send them anywhere in the world. Jack and Annie find a book about Pilgrims and they travel to the very first feast! Will they be able to learn how to help and make it back home, or will they ruin the first Thanksgiving and be stuck in the past forever?

Mary Pope Osborne has created a delightful series for children. These chapter books are filled with magic and wonder to keep kids entertained while they learn various facts about the world. In this book, children learn what it was like to grow up in Plymouth Colony, surviving famine, disease, celebrating a successful harvest and learning how to work with Native Americans. In the back there is even more information on the history of Thanksgiving, including when it became a national holiday! The author created a nonfiction companion book, Pilgrims, which dives further into the historical facts.

Llama Llama Gives Thanks

by Anna Dewdney

Anna Dewdney provides a fun board book series through the Llama Llama stories. This book gives young ones an insight into the activities surrounding Thanksgiving Day. The bright colorful pictures are filled with fall festivities from falling leaves to great food to eat. The sing-song rhythm will entertain toddlers, while children who are beginning to read will learn they can give thanks everyday!

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks

by Margaret Sutherland • Illustrated by Sonja Lamut

Margaret Sutherland gives children examples of who and what to be thankful for in this picture book. She stresses the importance of being grateful for the small things that make children happy. This book will encourage young readers to think of things they are appreciative of, while giving the entire family a chance to list their gratitude. This is a cute book to help teach the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

Duck for Turkey Day

by Jacqueline Jules • Pictures by Kathryn Mitter

Tuyet’s class created several turkey-themed projects before their Thanksgiving break. Tuyet is excited to be eating turkey, but when she finds out her Vietnamese American family insists on having duck, she is terrified that her family doesn’t understand the importance of eating turkey. An embarrassed Tuyet returns to school and learns the real meaning of Thanksgiving.

Jacqueline Jules provides a story of acceptance and diversity. Thanksgiving is a holiday of traditions and family, not about the food on the table. Kathryn Mitter’s pictures depict Tuyet’s emotions clearly and readers of all ages will understand. This book is perfect for young elementary age children.

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