Shopping With a Conscience

By Melissa Lee and Mel Healy

While you’re out enjoying doing your holiday shopping, consider that it’s possible to give back while purchasing some of those gifts – a little change makes big changes.

Start by shopping in locations that are giving back for the holidays. There are so many socially conscious business models. For example, we buy from The Giving Keys a company that donates a portion of their profits to those transitioning out of homelessness, giving them their key to a better life – be sure to look for their wonderful items in our store and others. Your dollars will go further with companies like this one.

Shop local! More of your dollars stay in the community when you shop at locally owned businesses.

When possible, choose items that are made in the USA. There is a lot more transparency in the production process in our country. There are a lot of ethically made options out there if you just start looking.

At Good Deed Goods, we partner with a lot of companies that are socially conscious. A customer favorite, Bridgewater Candles, feeds children with every purchase. When we go to market, that’s the first thing we look for – companies that give back as a part of their business model.

Of course, not every company meets that criteria, so in order to bridge that gap, every gift purchased from Good Deed Goods gives back – we donate 10% of every gift purchase to a charity that rotates every six months. Our donations are equally distributed to a local, a national and an international charity. At our soda fountain, for every meal you eat we donate a quarter to – a quarter feeds one child one meal. We even give you a quarter to put in an actual rice bowl we have on the counter!

We also encourage people to be aware of the different opportunities to help others during this holiday season. There are so many ways to help those less fortunate during the holidays – one of our favorites it to put a dollar in the basket of a Salvation Army bell ringer every time was see one.

[Melissa] One year we gave Mel and our other children money at Thanksgiving and told them to give that money away in whatever way they wished – as long as it blessed others. On Christmas Day, they told us what they did – it was very special.

About this writer

  • Melissa Lee and Mel Healy

    Melissa Lee and Mel Healy

    Mel and Melissa are the mother/ daughter team at Good Deed Goods in Murrells Inlet. Melissa is the owner, and Mel is the community liaison/buyer – and assists her mother in all aspects of the business. This year, they have many more ethically made, locally made and products that have a mission, plus exciting weekly promotions.

    Good Deed Goods, located inside Lee’s Inlet Apothecary, is located at 3579 Highway 17 Business in Murrells Inlet. Stop by or give them a call at 843-651-7979.

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