Embracing My Gray Hair

By Anna Riley

No!a few friends quickly responded when I asked them their thoughts on growing out my gray hair. It is safe to say that they did not like the idea at first. But my independent, determined nature led me to continue talking about gray hair, and eventually my friends caught on that I made the decision to stop dyeing my roots despite what they thought! (Though it is nice to have people rooting for you – no pun intended.)

So why not do this? I thought. If I wasn’t happy with the results, I could always dye my hair again. I began looking on Pinterest at gray hair styles for women. Some women were all gray and some had highlights, lowlights or both blended in with gray. Some even had a streak or two of purple or pink, and I realized this process could actually be FUN! Thus, embracing my gray hair began.

I decided to go with this transition during the summer and experiment with a partial foil process for my hair. My hair stylist and colorist both were open to working with me on this transformation. The plan was to see if I would be happy with this new look and add some highlights and lowlights. I could save some money by cutting down on the frequent root touch-ups that came about every five weeks, to foiling my hair every few MONTHS.

I felt so free after making this major decision. Do you sometimes feel that way after finally deciding on something? I was looking forward to more freedom from hair care. The first step to get there was to trim off most of the dyed hair. At this point, my roots had been dyed about two months prior. My hair was pretty much a variety of colors including natural gray shades and dark blonde dyed ends. After this cut, just a small amount of the “box-dyed” ends were left on some of the tips and much more gray shades were prominent.

Four days after the cut came the partial foiling. This was an exciting moment for me. My stylist did a great job blending in highlights and lowlights with the gray shades in my hair. Later, we may experiment with a different color or two. Sounds like fun to me.

I’ve been freed from the bondage of dyeing my roots, and it is a great feeling. What is even more exciting is that I’ve received more hair compliments than I ever did before this gray hair journey. I am so happy with my decision and I absolutely LOVE my hair.

Of course, my 96½-year-old mother thought that I would look too old. She continues to color her hair, though she can no longer bend back at the hair salon sink in her assisted living home, and now we are using a root touch up for her. If I should be lucky enough to live to my 90s, I will not have this concern. Another plus to embracing my gray.

The most important opinion of all is our own, don’t you think? We have to like ourselves and be happy with who we are and what we want! The compliments are very much appreciated, but are much more significant when we are happy with ourselves first.

Instead of dyeing my roots, I’m staying rooted in the universe by following my heart and free spirit. Stay happy with yourself, be your best you, and embrace your decision, whatever it may be.

About this writer

  • Anna Riley

    Anna Riley

    Anna Riley is a mom of two lovely, adult daughters. She embraces her age and encourages others to as well. Her kindness shines through daily blog posts at www.steemit.com/@annariley.

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6 Responses to “Embracing My Gray Hair”

  1. Noelle says:

    I love this! You’re such a trend setter! We all struggle with image at some time or another. I love that you’re embracing your age and seeing the beauty in it!

    • Anna Riley says:

      Thanks, Noelle! I think I get the trend-setting from Ev, at least some of it! Yes, our image can get to us at times. I hope I can continue to set a good example to all by embracing my age!

  2. Linda O'Connell says:

    Ann, I am considering graying gracefully, but am still using mascara, YES! to do my touch ups. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Anna Riley says:

      Hi, Ann! If you have the thought there, then it’s a start! Either way, do what’s right for YOU! That is the important thing. & I hadn’t heard of mascara for touchups on hair! Interesting! :)

  3. Rose Ann says:

    I’ve been wrestling with this issue for years. I’ve “threatened” so often, nobody pays any attention, LOL. Your fun, positive spin on the subject just may push me to try it, again. Enjoyed your essay!

    • Anna Riley says:

      Hi, Rose Ann! Oh, you are funny! Well, threaten no more! Just do it if you feel compelled. If you like it, then they’ll pay attention. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to dyeing your hair! Thank you for reading my essay and glad it got you thinking. You just may win the wrestle soon! :)

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