A Journey of Hope: Elizabeth Poole

By Leslie Moore

In January of 2017, Elizabeth Poole was happily married with a successful career as a Mary Kay representative; her life was full of love, family and fun. When it was time for her annual physical checkup, she thought little about it. “I went for a mammogram, and it all came back okay,” Elizabeth began. “A couple of weeks later I had a dream that I would motivate and inspire women.” The dream affected Elizabeth so much that she told her husband, Tony, and her mom about it.

Not long after, Elizabeth was shaving her underarms and felt one lump, then another. She went back to her gynecologist, Dr. Amy King who sent her to Dr. Craig Brackett for a biopsy. “Dr. Brackett was very honest with me after the biopsy,” she remembered. “He felt it was cancer and wanted me to be prepared.” Elizabeth went home and decided to search YouTube for videos of other women’s journey through cancer. “All of them were so sad! I cried the entire time I was watching.”

Elizabeth then heard a voice tell her that she would do positive, uplifting videos for women going through cancer treatment. “The next morning I called my nephew, and he helped me set up a YouTube account.” Working with Mary Kay had given Elizabeth the self confidence she needed to do something like this. “Before Mary Kay, I was very shy, and now I can speak confidently to thousands. God had been preparing me for doing these videos.”

Elizabeth videoed every step of her diagnosis and treatment, showing women what really happens when you are diagnosed with cancer. “I videoed the CT scan, the chemo room and the radiation treatments that I took every day for six weeks,” Elizabeth shared with me. “I met a man who told me he knew what chemotherapy was like, but he never knew what the radiation treatment was like for his wife. Watching my video took a lot of the scare out of it for him.”

A woman came to Elizabeth’s home to pick up Mary Kay products and shared that she was once depressed and how by changing her thinking she was able to bring herself out it. “What the mind believes it conceives! I immediately asked her to share her story in a video.”

“I never actually got sick but was nauseated,” Elizabeth said remembering her chemo. “My Mom told me to get ginger gummies at a health food store, and it helped with the nausea. My friend BJ told me about juice plus which helped with my overall health. People were constantly being put in my path that could help me.”

The one side effect Elizabeth didn’t escape was hair loss, one of the hardest experiences for any woman. “Through Pam, my mentor in Mary Kay, I met a woman who gives wigs to women going through cancer treatment, Marlisa Small.” She went to Marlisa’s wig studio and was fitted with a wig that so closely resembled her own hair that even her sister was fooled! “I started losing my hair little by little and finally, after it started coming out in clumps, I was ready to shave it all off.”

“Marlisa gives quality wigs away to women going through cancer treatment,” Elizabeth continued. Marlisa’s Wig Studio is located in North Myrtle Beach, and her non-profit is funded through donations and a gala she hosts every year. Elizabeth’s YouTube channel documents her time with Marlisa and the wonderful wig she received.

Fast forward to January of 2018: “I am done with my treatment,” Elizabeth began with a sigh of relief. “I did chemo, surgery and radiation – I even had a kidney stone which had to be blasted in December. Now I’m done and have even had my port removed.” Her cancer was Triple Negative which is fast growing, but her doctor says if it doesn’t come back in five years, she should be in the clear.

Elizabeth is amazing – her positive and loving nature continue to draw people to her that need reassurance and hope. “We have a home in the mountains, and I was recording a video telling people about how certain supplements and ginger helped me. God told me to go to the top of the mountain and video, so I did.” At this point, Elizabeth was laughing, remembering. “While I was up there, two women pulled up. Both were cancer survivors, and I knew they were supposed to be in the video with me!”

“I was surrounded by love during my treatment,” said Elizabeth. “I had over 200 cards sent to me and had to ask team members to stop bringing so much food!” Her husband told her he would take her anywhere in the world for treatment, but Elizabeth wanted to stay right here, knowing how important the support of family and friends would be during her journey. Her husband, daughter, son, mom, sisters and extended family all came together to help Elizabeth get through this ordeal. “This is my home. I don’t know how anyone does this without support. Some people don’t want to tell anyone – I told everyone! I wanted as many people as possible to pray for me, I would tell them God hears your prayers, and I feel them.”

Elizabeth’s YouTube channel has become very popular and is recommended viewing for those with a new diagnosis. When Elizabeth told Dr. Brackett she was recording the videos, he groaned and asked her not to do any sad videos. “I told him mine would be positive!”

Elizabeth now has 39 videos on her YouTube channel documenting her journey. Visit her channel “Breast cancer journey Elizabeth Poole” to learn more. Marlisa’s Wig Studio is located in North Myrtle Beach – for more information, visit marlisaswigstudio.com.

About this writer

  • Leslie Moore

    Leslie Moore

    Leslie Moore is the editor for Strand Media Group. A 25 year resident of Pawleys Island, she is blessed with a life filled with the love of family and friends and satisfying work to do every day.

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3 Responses to “A Journey of Hope: Elizabeth Poole”

  1. Carol Emmons Hartsoe says:

    Thanks, Ms. Moore, for sharing Elizabeth’s story. I admire her bravery. It’s one thing to hear that inner voice leading a person to step out in faith, and another to act on it and bring a plan to fruition. Her blessings on others will continue through her videos. I’m glad I read this story.

  2. Rose Ann says:

    To share Elizabeth’s positivity is such a gift to those who may need that strength some day (or now). Thank you to Elizabeth for giving hope and understanding. Thank you, Leslie, for telling her story!

  3. Anna Riley says:

    That’s wonderful that Elizabeth documented her journey on videos. Awesome how brave she was through her treatments and so positive! Thanks for sharing your story, Elizabeth. And thanks, Leslie for the article! I will check out the videos!

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