Cover Artist: Kim Schuessler

No Excuses, by Kim Schuessler

Kim Schuessler was born and raised in Georgia, and her southern roots run deep – you can even hear it when she speaks. As with most southerners, her faith is strong, her family comes first, and she is passionate about her work.

Kim has traveled, studied and lived in many places around the globe, from Hong Kong to Puerto Rico, and found that although the scenery and cultures can be extreme in their differences, much remains the same. We all need someone to love, something to hope for and goals to achieve. The artist’s paintings depict these common essentials – she illustrates couples dancing, women standing strong, and friends standing by our side to help us along the way. Colors, patterns, fashion, fabrics and PEOPLE inspire Kim.

After studying art abroad in France and Italy and attending Parsons School of Design, Kim graduated with a BFA from the University of Georgia. She then earned an Arts Education degree/certificate and taught art in a public school in Atlanta, Georgia. For the past 23 years the artist has pursued art and continues discovering, changing and creating. With each painting, Kim falls more deeply in love with communicating through her art.

Kim believes success is the ability to stay focused on well-intended goals. To date, her greatest sense of accomplishment has been seeing people enjoy her work in places she never imagined…the Hank Aaron Museum, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and the conference room at Spanx. The artist’s paintings are also on a special collection of Spanx top selling lingerie that will launch in February.

Kim says she is an optimist who wants her audiences to pursue their passion, to find joy in everyday occurrences and to cherish those they love. To purchase or see more of her work, visit

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