Not Your Mother’s Furniture

By Pamela Burris

Buying furniture is the third largest investment families make in a lifetime, coming only after their home and car, and shopping smart can save costly mistakes. Usually, when a family buys furniture, they haven’t purchased in a long time – maybe 15 or 20 years.

Maybe you’re moving into a new home that’s nothing like your old home or just updating your look – and you have no idea what to do. Seek out a professional who is ready to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Furniture has changed dramatically in the past decade. Life is more casual, and families want to live on their furniture. Due to EPA regulations, no type of stain protection is done on finished furniture, but fabrics can now perform in so many different ways! Crypton, a new fabric, is stain repellant, moisture resistant, odor resistant, non-leeching and antimicrobial due to silver in the fabric’s technology. Think eating utensils. You can have a white sofa and never worry about red wine or fruit juice spills – even mustard comes right out.

It’s so important to tell your sales person how you live, so we can lead you down the right path. Without help, the beautiful sofa you purchased, that looked great in the showroom, may not look the same in your home. An expert is really important for the consumer to get the right fit. Most of us love the family heirlooms we have and want them to work with our new furniture. I can help you seamlessly acclimate what you love with what you’re purchasing. My daughter loved a family piece, a large, antique secretary, but wasn’t sure what she could do with it. We made it into a bar! It’s really cool. We made it work by repurposing it.

Maybe you want to just replace your sofa – remember, the rest of the things in your room are still going to be there. Having a designer come into your home can help you integrate the new piece, making sure it is not the wrong scale or fit for the rest of your furniture.

Be sure the professional you work with really listens to you. Be honest about your needs and make a new friend! Let me know how I can help!

About this writer

  • Pamela Burris

    Pamela Burris

    Pamela Burris is the Design Center Manager of Ethan Allen Furniture, 575 Market Court, Myrtle Beach, on the Coastal Grand Mall property. Give her a call at 843-916-8440.

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