Cover Artist: Kathy Womack

Women and Wine Second Edition, by Kathy Womack

After twenty years, the Women and Wine series is still ongoing – recruiting new admirers and collectors every day. Its broader appeal has blossomed into something relatable for most women. Much of the creativity in Kathy’s work is focused on the costumes or the fashion design on her women. As a former fashion illustrator/graphic designer for the Austin American Statesman, the huge move to computer generated images in the late ‘80s meant the artist wouldn’t be drawing or illustrating as much and it left a void, as Kathy needed to be creating. Having always painted throughout her life, she decided to pick up her brushes again, but with more purpose.

Kathy began with local art festivals, picking up commissions and traveling to shows out of state. Before long, her work began to pay off, and the artist soon had a following which grew and spread by word of mouth (women do talk) which created a cult following.

The Women and Wine series has grown beyond Kathy’s imagination – there are 50 plus images in the series.

You can view/purchase the series on her website,, or on Facebook at Kathy Womack-Artist.

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