Rings of Gold

By Jim Huntley

There are several things to consider when choosing wedding rings. Most men choose a more simple style, but women have to decide what type of metal they prefer, and if they want stones set into the ring. Also, do you want a ring that is form fitted to your engagement ring? I usually recommend soldering the two rings after you’re married so they won’t rub together.

The next choice is metal – and gold is the most popular. Many women choose a gold wedding band even if they have a platinum engagement ring. Usually, brides want the wedding band to match the metal of the engagement ring, but sometimes white gold is used with a platinum engagement ring to cut down on cost. The two tone look was very popular a few years ago and is still a great look. Whenever I do a two tone, I use 18 karat yellow gold because 14 karat yellow and white gold are not that big of a contrast. The other option is to use rose gold, which is very pretty for a two tone. Since pure gold is yellow, the alloy, which could be copper, nickel or silver, determines the color. You will never get gold as white as silver or platinum, so it is usually plated with rhodium, a metal in the platinum family. It does wear, but can be redone every few years.

Your ring’s karat tells you the percentage of pure gold. If it is 24 karat, it’s pure, but so soft you could bend it with your fingers –18 karat is 75% gold, 14 karat is 58.5 % gold and 10 karat is 41.7%. Gold has been valuable for millennia. It’s a very rare metal and there’s only so much mined on our planet. I’ve heard that if you took all of the world’s mined gold, without the alloys, it would only fill two Olympic sized swimming pools. The rest of the Earth’s gold is too deep to mine. Other countries use different percentages as their standard. For example, in the Middle East jewelry is created using primarily 20-22 karat gold, Continental Europe uses mostly 18 karat and Great Britain uses 9 karat.

Couples shopping for wedding rings can come in to Treasures Fine Jewelers or call and make an appointment. Since most people want different designs or stones set in the rings, rather than just a plain band, most jewelers, me included, don’t stock them, but they will be in the day after your order. I can also make your ring from gold you already own – it just depends on what you’re looking for. I made a man’s ring a year ago, for a 30th wedding anniversary. He took his wife’s parents’ wedding bands and added some white gold for a two tone band. He also had the original diamond he gave his wife when they were engaged set in the band. His wife even videoed me casting the ring. It was truly special.

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  • Jim Huntley

    Jim Huntley

    Jim Huntley is the owner of Treasures Fine Jewelers, located at 981B Hackler Street in Market Common. Contact him at 843-692-0346 or visit www.treasuresfinejewelers.net.

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