Why You Will LOVE Consignment Shopping

By Kelly Canipe

When you think of consignment do the words “thrift store” come to mind? Do you have visions of outdated clothing, shoes and accessories? Well, those days are over, especially on the south end of the Grand Strand. From Murrells Inlet to Georgetown you will find a great selection of ‘‘upscale’’ consignment shops, specializing in new and like new, ‘‘high end’’ apparel, designer handbags, jewelry and shabby chic home décor. You name it; you’ll most likely find whatever you’re looking for.

Savvy shoppers love designer labels and are educated on their full retail price. Most love to find these labels in ‘‘like new’’ condition, with tags still attached, at a fraction of full retail price. Wouldn’t you love to find a ‘‘Lilly Pulitzer’’ dress, with the original price tag of $200 and grab it for $49? Or a ‘‘Louis Vuitton’’ handbag, retailing for $2,000 and getting it for $500? These are just a few examples of the many bargains which can be found consignment shopping.

As consignment shop owners, we know our clientele and know what does and does not sell. We know the brands our clients are looking for. As the consignment clothing and accessory market continue to grow, we must be very selective in the items we choose to consign on your behalf. We also have to do our homework when it comes to pricing your items. We want to make it fair for all parties. We generally price items at 25% of full retail price, with a 50/50 split with our consignors. It’s a great way to make extra money when you no longer have a need for your quality saleable items.

With the popularity of consignment shopping booming, you can buy top brands without feeling guilty and keep your homes and wardrobes fresh. So, get your girlfriends together and plan a weekend consignment shopping, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

About this writer

  • Kelly Canipe

    Kelly Canipe

    Kelly Canipe is the owner of Kelly’s Consignment Boutique in Murrells Inlet. Stop by and say hello to her manager, Barbara Wright, at 5200 Hwy 17 Bypass or call 843-650-9913.

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