Celebrate the Season with a Pop of Color

By Laurie Johnston

Many of us are afraid of color – typically we stick with neutral because it’s safe. But, the summer season has arrived and color is fun! Pink, yellow green, orange, lavender – a pop of color can make a big difference and also make us happy. Make a statement with a large colorful necklace and bracelet, or even shoes because our feet do get noticed. You could even try a splashy pocketbook, hat, scarf or belt. Be it a subtle hint or bold statement, brighten your ensemble and brighten your day.

It’s easy to enhance your favorite black dress with a yellow scarf or a beautiful turquoise necklace. People come in and say they always use black or grey and, actually, it is easier to accessorize. But take a chance on color! You may be surprised at how great you look in a bright shade.

I can help you get started with color. First, I’ll look at your hair and skin color – yellow isn’t for everyone, for example. Color is specific to the individual, and you want to try something that’s going to brighten you. You can start small with a statement necklace and work up to more color.

A colorful accessory can make your entire outfit pop. Everyone will ask where you got it! Color will make you feel good. The sun is shining – we should be shining. Today, I thought about wearing jeans, but I decided on white pants – it’s the time of year to lighten and brighten. White pants are a mainstay for the summer or a white skirt or shirt. They go with anything. Today I put on white Capri’s, a blue blouse, and blue slides with silver and pearls on them.

A customer offered to buy the shirt right off my back today – and she may not have tried that shirt on if she saw it hanging on the rack! Last year I had a woman come in – I had on a cute, fringed vest that she loved. At 5 o’clock, she came back. I didn’t have her size in stock, but she said yes you do, you’re wearing it! So, I took it off and sold it to her. All of us wear what we sell so you can see how a bright color will look. Some things on a hanger look completely different when you put them on.

About this writer

  • Laurie Johnston

    Laurie Johnston

    Laurie Johnston owns Aunique Boutique located at 980 Cipriana Drive in Myrtle Beach. She and her staff love helping customers accessorize and feel fabulous. Stop by for a visit – you will feel like you are visiting with old friends! Aunique Boutique is open 11am-6pm, Monday – Saturday.

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