Makeup Made Simple

By Casey Sifford Jones

Makeup should be simple, and while trends come and go, I prefer a more classic look that all women can achieve. Of course, always start with good skin care for the best results.

All women can try the new trends, but women over 50 may choose to do a different level to achieve the best result. For example, a skin finish determines how your foundation appears. Skin finishes can range from a matte to a satin to a glow. My favorite for women over 50 is to use a glow finish. You will radiate with a healthy glow from within. Estee Lauder’s water based foundation, Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup, SPF 30, achieves this effect and makes your skin look beautiful. Whatever you use, always choose one that includes sunscreen.

Life style choices are important to finding the perfect foundation. Double Wear is a 24 hour foundation. You can go to the gym, play tennis, do whatever you like, and it’s going to stay on. All makeup brands make long lasting foundation. If you are more concerned with anti aging, again, all brands have an anti aging foundation. You want to customize your foundation based on your lifestyle. I always ask my clients if they could make their own foundation at home, think about what they want it to do for their skin.

Most women over 50 have been doing the same type of makeup application for 20 plus years. But, the application trends are always changing – there are brushes and application tips galore. Try a beauty blender for a great look. My favorite way to get a good finish is stippling with a powder brush – it gives you an airbrushed finish that I love. It all starts with the application. Be open to applying your makeup differently.

Another thing women over 50 are afraid to try is contouring. It was a big trend this past year and can really create a defined and contoured look that will take years off if done correctly. And, it can be done simply. It really makes your jaw line and cheekbones look more sculpted.

To learn what works best for you, get a personalized experience with a makeup artist. Estee Lauder or any of the major brands have options. Sometimes walking into an Ulta or Sephora can be so overwhelming. Beauty consultants and makeup artists are trained to customize each woman’s makeup to her personally. The “rules” you hear are not applicable to every woman. For example, many women think they can’t wear powder, but we have a powder that’s water based that will smooth the texture of your skin.

Don’t forget your eyebrows – they are so important to frame your face. Many women feel overwhelmed by brow work as well. We teach a simple technique to fill them in, and once someone shows you how to do this, you will be amazed by how easily it’s done.

I love to teach women, it’s my passion. I do master classes, and most of my students are over 50. You do the actual application while I teach so you don’t forget what you’ve learned. You will leave more comfortable and confident. I am doing two at Belk in Coastal Grand Mall on June 15th, check this issue for details – this is a fun activity with a group of girlfriends!

No woman has to be married to a specific brand. Actually, the typical woman has 16 different brands in her cosmetic drawer with products ranging from hair to skin care. That is the best way to explore and find out what’s best for you. Even working for Estee Lauder, I don’t claim that we have the best for every woman. There are cult favorites in other brands that I love. When you come, we want you to be your own curator and find what’s best for you.

While I’ve always loved makeup, I was in the medical field originally. I had a woman comment on my makeup, and she recruited me into the makeup industry. I was with Bare Minerals for two years and that ignited my passion to make women look and feel beautiful. In 2012, I joined the Estee Lauder team. I am an Estee Lauder account coordinator. My job is to hire and interview beauty advisers, and go into stores and train – elevating the performance experience. I wear a lot of different hats. I have 19 different stores with over 50 people. I just got Myrtle Beach back and am very excited. I’ll have Inlet Square Mall, Myrtle Beach Mall and Coastal Grand Mall.

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    Casey Sifford Jones

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