Why We Love Lilly!

By Amy Bunn

We believe elegance can be casual. We believe gracefulness is compatible with fits of laughter. We believe it is completely acceptable to be sexy. We believe in dinner parties, charity parties and parties in general. We believe in living a colorful life.

~Lilly Pulitzer~

Lilly Pulitzer herself was an icon, she was a Palm Beach socialite that loved life and she loved it in color! Another of her often repeated quotes is “Life, Love and the Pursuit of Happiness!”

Her brand, to this day, is and will always be about being happy, and her clothes can’t help but make you feel that way! The colors are all created in house and one of a kind, and all the prints are hand painted and inspired by places that either Lilly has been in the past or where the print designers go to get their inspiration! Most of them are very tropical places where flowers, fish and architecture steal the show!

Every Lilly print starts on paper with a brush, and each piece is truly a work of art! One of the many special features of your Lilly, including great quality and fit, is that each print has “Lilly” hidden in the design; it’s always fun trying to find it! Lilly Pulitzer is a true “lifestyle brand,” you can literally find something for every occasion – beach, weddings, cocktail party, gym and everything in between! Lilly, I’m happy to say, is here to stay, she’s always keeping up with the trends as well as just being true to who she’s always been – a fun colorful way to dress! Wearing Lilly just makes you happy and I think that’s what this world needs more of – HAPPY!!!

About this writer

  • Amy Bunn

    Amy Bunn

    For almost 20 years, The Joggling Board has been a Lilly Pulitzer Signature Shop, with an amazing assortment of clothing for women and children as well as a unique collection of accessories, shoes and bags! For any occasion, the Joggling Board undoubtedly has the perfect outfit for you or gift for someone special! Stop by 11096 Ocean Highway in Pawleys Island, visit www.thejogglingboard.com or call 843-237-2631.

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