Margaret and the Diamond Key Mystery

By Marsha Tennant

Margaret and  the Diamond Key Mystery Written by Marsha Tennant with Lyric Bailey and Illustrated by Amy Crane

Join Margaret, Mad Maverick and the crew of the Howling Queen as they set sail in search of the Diamond Key booty. A merpup, two funky felines and a mysterious stowaway add to the adventure. Will they be able to solve the riddle and unlock the treasure?

The sequel to Margaret Pirate Queen has just launched. This adventure continues to incorporate local history and geography. Goat Island in Murrells Inlet holds the key to this mystery.  The Pirate Queen, Margaret, is based on the idea of Anne Bonny, a famous female pirate. Kids of all ages enjoy learning about pirates and their swashbuckling antics along the coastal waters.

Many of the pirate dogs are rescues, so most of the proceeds go for dogs (and cats) that need homes. The crew recently helped pay for heartworm treatment so a pup would be adoptable. They have also helped replace a gate on a kennel, paid part of an adoption fee and donated online royalties to a shelter.

One of the most fun activities when the pirate dogs are involved in an event is to find a child who the crew agrees needs a book. They try to give their book to an unsuspecting little one with arrrrrr promise they will continue to read! The reaction is priceless.

Books can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Books A Million. They will also be available locally this summer so check their Facebook page PIRATE DOGS for updates. Autographed copies can be purchased from the author at or from the illustrator at

About this writer

  • Marsha Tennant

    Marsha Tennant

    Marsha Tennant is the author of Margaret Pirate Queen. The author’s new adventure  is coming out soon…Margaret’s Golden Bone Adventure. Literacy and Animal Rescue arrrrrrrhh her passions!

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One Response to “Margaret and the Diamond Key Mystery”

  1. Rose Ann says:

    Can’t wait to read your book to my granddaughters! They are going to love it!

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