Successful Home Renovations

By Kelly Ryder

Growing up, I never pursued art because I was intimidated by it, and I want to teach people not to be fearful about creating.  Art is about the journey, and not necessarily about the finished product. It’s what you learn along the way – your work may come out differently than

You’re ready to remodel and need a plumber, electrician or other contractor. Why is it important to hire qualified trade people to do work in your home? So many of us want things checked off the “to do” list, but unfortunately don’t use licensed trade workers. Renovations are on an upswing with the housing boom again. Among improvements high on the list for most people are kitchens and baths. Once you decide where you want to do your remodel, next on the list is hiring the right contractor.

Finding a plumber and/or an electrician can be a daunting task.  Our trade people keep us protected, and they are so important.  These are skilled jobs that require extensive training, and they must be licensed, bonded and insured. If you hire someone who is not licensed and get a leak in your shower, you are responsible.  Using a reputable person will keep this from happening. I always tell my clients, if you do it the right way first, you only have to do it once.

With that being said, working with an interior designer from the beginning of your project will help the navigation process go smoothly. A good interior designer works closely with the different trades and general contractors. They can help your stress level and lead you to the right person for your job. Being in the industry, I see many people that say they can do a certain job, but are not qualified. These are the people I call jack of all trades and master of none. When working with clients an interior designer always protects their clients and their home and real estate.

Before you hire anyone, always get references and talk to people in that line of work. I do that for my clients – you are giving me the ability to make decisions for you after we’ve talked. You don’t have to worry if you are picking the right contractor; I ensure you have reputable people doing your work. Whether you are after the whole package or just a new shower or backsplash, finding the right contractor is critical to the outcome of your project. A good interior designer knows and works with skilled people. It’s their best advertising. Remember, if it seems too good to be true… it more than likely is. Do your homework, or, find someone that will look after your best interest. Repeat business is key in this industry.

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  • Kelly Ryder

    Kelly Ryder

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