Beautiful, Versatile Lamps

By Marce Singleton

Lamps, when chosen and placed correctly, can provide the perfect finishing touch for any room. Think of it like adding just the right jewelry to a little black dress. With so many styles to choose from, you can add warmth to a space or change the look and feel completely.

Beautiful colors in porcelains and ceramics can brighten a room or add a “pop” wherever one is needed. The “Hollywood glam” look with its heavy crystal and rubbed metallic finishes will add sophistication to any décor. Rustic pottery in rich colors brings warmth and an organic feel to a space. Transitional styles are a great way to combine the old with the new and update an area without having to start over with furnishings, etc.

One thing to keep in mind is that your existing lamps can also be updated with new shades and finials, and that may be all you need to freshen up your favorite room. There is great variety available in colors and fabrics for replacement shades. New shades need to be properly fitted so be sure to bring your lamp along when you’re shopping for them. If that’s not quite enough of a change you might want to consider changing the base from wood or metal to crystal, acrylic or brushed metal. There are SO many options!

NOTE: LED bulbs are much better for your lampshades since they don’t get hot. Your shades will last longer and won’t turn yellow from the heat. They even have 3 way LED bulbs now and the color and quality of the light is improving.

If you have been shopping for new lamps but haven’t found just what you’re looking for remember that you can have custom lamps made that will be uniquely yours. Lamps can be made from family heirlooms such as vases or urns. You might see a decorative object that is just the color or shape that you love and there’s a good chance that it could be made into a beautiful lamp. Your imagination can lead you to some very creative options.

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