Cover Artist: Thomas Davis

Kentucky Woman, by Thomas Davis

Born in Charlotte, North Carolina, Thomas studied Business and Marketing. After completing his Business Degree in 1984, Thomas attended the Art Institute of Atlanta to develop the creative side of his mind. In 1987 Thomas returned to Myrtle Beach to incorporate both the creative and business side of his mind and opened Collector’s Cafe and Gallery; an old idea from Paris where artists sold their works of art on the walls, while guests enjoyed world class dining in an elegant and creative atmosphere. Since its opening, Collector’s has represented hundreds of artists and sold thousands of paintings. Hosting an art show twice a year, Collector’s Cafe and Gallery brings artists, buyers and collectors from the entire East Coast to mix, mingle, eat the very best food, drink the finest wine and observe the most inspiring art Myrtle Beach has to offer.

Thomas started his journey into painting and sculpting after a trip with his much beloved, late mother, Nancy, a prolific artist herself, to New York’s MOMA to view a Matisse exhibition in 1991. That exhibit impressed upon Thomas what can be achieved in a lifetime of mixing art, travel and the passion to create. The artist’s works of art reflect his travels around the world and his passion for living. Vibrant colors, nuanced textures, and playful insights express his emotions and carry you across his visions of joy and wonder. The artist has shown in New York at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery and in Palm Springs at the International Art Fair. Numerous galleries in Charleston, South Carolina, have sold his works, and he has participated twice in Art Fields, an annual, nine-day art competition in Lake City, South Carolina, the largest competition of its kind.

To see more of the artist’s work, visit Collector’s Café and Gallery7740 N Kings Highway in Myrtle Beach.

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