The Joy is in the Hunt

By Connie Gunter Spahr

Trying to design or redesign your home can be overwhelming. Actually, it can be downright miserable! But when you break it down to one item at a time you can find absolute joy in decorating your home. Helping people find the perfect “new to you” item to complete their home is my joy.

As an expert, I love taking people on a treasure hunt. You may get your inspiration from an old movie, Instagram or the house you grew up in. There is a lot of fun and excitement in hunting down that exact item you have been dreaming of. Sometimes you have no idea what you are searching for and have no clue where to start. I try to direct my clients towards finding a focal point in a room. We can try searching based on a color, wood type, or style for the space. This can lead to the exciting joy of finding that “new to you” treasured item for your home.

You might end up finding a great antique mirror as a backdrop for a modern chest of drawers or a lovely piece of art that fills that empty space on your walls. Don’t choose artwork to match what you own, instead, find something you love. You don’t usually find artwork that you love in retail stores; you have to go on the hunt. In an antique store you may find artwork you can base the entire room around. Or, you may find a gorgeous antique sewing machine to give your sideboard a unique flare. Those special pieces can be such an amazing source of warmth and peace in your home. Changing out that old chair, faded rug, or broken dresser can give a space a new breath of life and style. The joy is in the hunt.

I am so excited when someone finds that perfect item. Mixing old with new is the trend now, for example, an antique rug in a contemporary room gives the room soul and brings the room together. Consider new uses for antique items – a dresser or sideboard makes a great television cabinet. It’s large and heavy and functions in a contemporary room because it’s streamlined.

About this writer

  • Connie Gunter Spahr

    Connie Gunter Spahr

    Georgetown native, Connie Gunter Spahr is the owner of Connie’s New to You. Her biggest joy is when her customers leave happy because they found just what they were looking for! Stop by and say hello at 3986 Ocean Hwy in Murrells Inlet, or call 843-357-2550. Find Connie on Facebook – @ConniesNewtoYou.

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